DURHERM Portable Folding SPA Home Steam Sauna

Durherm Portable Folding SPA Home Steam Sauna is for those who are looking for a sauna which is space Saver, affordable, Portable and perfect fit for Weight loss (calories).Then this sauna is perfect for those as it provides many facilities of an expensive sauna or even sells the experience of an expensive spa also. So here are some specifications for it:


Manufacturer/Brand: The name of its manufacturer is Durherm.

Manufacturer Part Number/Item model number: DSS-SteamSauna

Item Weight: The actual weight if this Durherm portable steam sauna is 18 pounds

Shipping Weight: The shipping weight of this product is 18 pounds

Assembled Product Dimensions: The overall dimensions of this product is 29 x 35 x 40 inches


Warranty information: 1 year against defects

Colour category: It is now available in Off-white

Shape: The physical structure of this product is Square

Material: The materials used for these products' production are Nylon, Plastic, Metal, Ceramic.

Warranty length: The actual duration of this products' warranty is 1 year.

Requirements: 110 Volt Power Source

Maximum heating time : You can maximize the temperature for 30-45 minutes.

Additional Accessories:

  • Sauna tent
  • 1 set of support tubes
  • Steam Generator
  • Steam Hose
  • Steam diffuser
  • Manual (For detailed instructions)


  • Skincare and pain killer: At the very fast it takes care of your skin and relieves you from muscle pains. Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna smooth your skin by removing toxins from your skin and relieves you from old shoulder pains or back pains.
  • Strong immunity: The use of Durherm portable steam sauna increases your energy level by Protecting your health from harmful diseases and also allows to have proper sleep which in a nutshell strengthens yourself immune system.
  • Convenient: Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna is so Convenient to use as you can place it anywhere either at your home or workplace. You can carry it with wherever you want to go. It can adjust at any place or under all types of weather surrounding yours.
  • Quick to use: It comes with everything that will be required to set up the whole structure of the sauna and you can use it immediately after set up.
  • Maintain privacy: You can use it in the privacy of your home or apartment or any living place without occupying large spaces or using special communications for it.
  • Steam is good for skin and internal organs: This product uses the steam about 45 C (113 degrees Fahrenheit ) which can relax your skin and internal organs.
  • Lucrative design: The physical structure of the Durherm portable steam sauna is pretty much attractive. It includes all the desirable features that an expensive steam sauna would provide to you.
  • Only Threeingredient: In order to enjoy the steam of this home spa, you don’t have to arrange lots of stuff. You will just need a towel, a small seat (a plastic garden chair or a wooden stool is ideal) and plain tap water. After arranging all these three ingredients, you can enjoy the experience of an expensive steam spa.
  • Easy to wipe water: After you have finished with your (), you can easily wipe out the excess water from your spa. You can use a towel to wipe out the condensing water produced during the sauna session from the Durherm portable folding spa home steam sauna.
  • The Suitable temperature of hot water steam: The hot steam that is produced from the sauna is good for your skin and overall conducive to your health. You won’t feel suffocated inside the sauna for its steam. But you would feel relaxed after having this steamy treatment.
  • Safety measures for users: The manufacturer of this sauna have considered the safety measures for its users with separated steam generator and bathtub design. With these you will be safe in case of sudden malfunction of the main steam generator.
  • Health & beauty: While using the steam sauna, you can add plaint oil, fresh flower with the water which is good for your health and it will also upgrade your beauty.
  • Easy setup: It takes minutes to set up the whole sauna. It has inside-frame. You have assembled the fame according to the diagram attached and then place the cover of the frame. That’s it.You will get your sauna ready to use.
  • Health benefits: Durherm portable steam sauna relaxes tired and aching muscles, relieves joint and muscle pains, improves circulation, burns calories, helps to keep skin healthy,improves body tone strengthens cardiovascular system, removes toxins, helps to general weight loss, strengthens 8 system, increases blood circulation, reduces stress/fatigue and energizes, temporary relief from arthritis and rheumatism, relieves stiffness and relaxes the body, helps to aid sleep, helps to expend capillary vessel, reducing the blood stickiness and promoting human body's metabolism. In a nutshell, it improves body health and fitness.

Cons with the solution

  • Lack of quality control: There is one big problem which is the lack of quality control in the manufacture of this product and the use of materials.
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    Solution: Manufacturers should consider good quality control programs to ensure the specified quality of the product and use of its materials. ​​​
  • Cheap parts: It may feel that Some parts used in this Durherm portable steam sauna are little cheap and flimsy for which you may not feel much confident about long term durability of this product.
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    Solution: Manufacturers should use durable parts for its long term survival and their quality control program should ensure this.
  • Small tent: the size of the tent is small for some users tent as it is a little thin and the head hole is not in an optimal position.
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    Solution: Users should communicate with the manufacturers for informing their problems to them and having a better suggestion for your requirements.
  • Over insulation: You may feel over insulated for being inside the sauna for longer time. By using the sauna for long time you may get dehydrated and also may faint.
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    Solution: Avoid staying inside the sauna for long time. This is not like so that you will be more detoxified as you stay a long time inside the sauna. Just stay inside the sauna for a reasonable time as stated in the manual.(30-45 minutes).

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q:- Is this heavy on the electricity bill?
    A:- ​No, does not cost much on electricity bill. Not more than a small television set. You can use it about 3x weekly for 2 months in the winter. It would work well. The steamer unit ran for about 45-minute search. You can plug into a regular electrical outlet and the longest you can probably stay in there is 30-45 mins. And if course it will depend on the frequency of your usage. You can use it twice a week for 45 mins each time daily.

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    Q:- Is it safe to use inside the house, any possibilities of mold?
    A:- ​Yes. It is safe to use it inside the house. You can wipe it down after every use. You can use it in your house every day and may not see any form of molding. Just make sure that you keep it open to air and dry it and follow the directions for wiping it down. After wiping down, you can use blow dryer inside the sauna.

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    Q:- Can it damage hardwood floor? any leakage?
    A:- Most probably you won’t face any leakage but in case you shouldn’t directly put it on a hardwood floor. You can put it on something firs and there will be no chance of leakage. The sauna is made of very heavy-duty fabric. It does, of course, have water/condensation pooled up on the bottom of it when you will finish the sauna, but you can use a towel to mop it up. When you buy this you need to monitor it occasionally on the bottom for signs of tears. You can actually have it on a carpeted floor.

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    Q:- How much may be the temperature inside? Only 45 C?
    A:- The temp you attain depends upon the ambient temp of the room you put it in. If you allow the steam machine to get to full production, the temperature is quite hot.

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    Q:- Can I sit with my head inside?
    A:- If you sat on a low stool, or no chair at all, your entire body would be inside the sauna and lay a towel over the neck opening to keep too much steam from escaping.

Final verdict

Every sauna has some merits and demerits also. Despite this every sauna has its own especial facility. Durherm Portable Folding SPA Home Steam Sauna is also one of them. It has a very attractive feature which is you can enjoy it like a professional spa along with its lots of health benefits. And bear in mind that everybody should always consult a doctor prior to using any exercise equipment.