DURHERM XLarge Negative Ion FIR Infrared Portable Indoor Sauna

Durherm xlarge negative ion FIR infrared portable indoor sauna is excellent comparing other portable sauna and with it, you can feel that you have a professional healthcare service right beside you which can help to use it whenever and wherever you want. I can assure you that you cannot compare it with any product. It is stylish, portable and affordable.


Veterinary of relaxation and enjoyment

Durherm sauna acts as a veterinary which can allow you with a feeling of relaxation and enjoyment than any other indoor sauna through detoxification.

Sports canvas folding chair

There is a Comfortable sports canvas folding chair provided with the durherm xlarge negative ion FIR infrared portable indoor sauna which helps you to sit inside the durherm portable infrared sauna


It also gives an integrated heated footpad which will produce heat under your foot and helps you to sweat your full body.

Space saver

Durherm portable infrared sauna is very easy to set up and it will consume little space of your house.It will not occupy the whole portion of your bed room or any place inside your house. Durherm sauna will only need to occupy the corner of your bed room. That’s why Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna has built a reputation as a space saver.

Not fully free from EMF

No infrared FIR sauna is fully EMF free. This Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna exhaust such amount of EMF which naturally exist on our planet or at our homes and workplaces.

Material Type

The type of material by which this Durherm portable infrared sauna manufactured is polycast.

Package Quantity

The quality of the package is grade 1.

Shipping Weight

The shipping weight of Durherm portable infrared sauna is 26.6 pounds

Product Dimensions

The dimension of the product is 31.5 x 33 x 41 inches

Item Weight

The actual weight of the Durherm portable infrared sauna is 25 pounds


The name of the manufacturer is Durherm



Item model number:



The technology that it uses is FIR (Far Infrared Radiation) which aids to produce EMF at minimal level. This feature is very much essential for any type of indoor sauna.

Power Input

The power input of Durherm portable personal folding home steam saunaIs 900 W.


The power source pressure of this Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna is 120V – 60Hz.


The color of this Durherm sauna is orange.

Heater Material

The heating material used in Durherm portable sauna is Carbon Heating Panels which are great for producing enough sweat from your body.

Number of Heaters

The number of this carbon heating panels is 3 which enough for an indoor portable sauna.

Temperature Range

You can maximize the temperature of this Durherm portable infrared sauna from 113-150 degrees Fahrenheit

Heating Time

The best heating time of this sauna is 5 minutes which is equal to enjoy the jogging for 30 minutes.


You can set the timer from 5-30 Minutes.


The warranty of this Durherm portable sauna is 1 Year.


The Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna also provides two soft terry cloth washable neck collars that is helpful to zip on/off for easy cleaning, storage pocket for remote control.


  • Demandable sauna: This Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna offers you all the benefits of any other expensive saunas in the market at a fraction of the price without any space restrictions which has made it more demandable than any other indoor portable sauna in the market at present.
  • Easy to store: The Durherm portable infrared sauna is very easy to store. You can fold it up easily for storage under a bed or in a closet, don’t occupy much space for storage.
  • Uses very little electricity and emits minimal EMF: The Durherm negative sauna uses very little electricity to produce heat which can save your electricity bill and it also exhausts minimal level of EMF which is natural on the earth. The EMF rate is between 200 to 600 times lower than any other fir carbon sauna heating panel existing at the market at present.
  • Tourmaline panels: This far infrared fir sauna has 3 heaters which are ultra-thin japan made tourmaline panels. Tourmaline is a semiprecious mineral that is well known for its excellent ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body
  • Stylist Design: The physical structure of this Durherm portable sauna is very stylish with its satisfying design you can move your head and hands for reading, watching TV or listening to music.
  • Portable: The special feature of this Durherm sauna is its portability. You can carry it with you while you are traveling from one country to another. You won’t face any problem with setting up the sauna at your new place.That’s how it is so convenient to use.
  • Workout: If you are habitual for taking a workout session every day then can use it before or after a workout which is also helpful for having a healthy life indeed.
  • Zero to 150 degree in 5 v minutes: It has been reviewed by verified purchasers that this Durherm portable infrared sauna goes from zero to 150 degree within 2 seconds which is an awesome experience.
  • Health benefits: This is very essential for those who have rheumatoid arthritis, or other similar pain, chronic diseases, kidney problems, diabetics. This infrared sauna will reduce toxic which is essential for the above-mentioned diseases from your body. You can also enjoy a meditative environment inside the Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna.

Cons with the solution

  • Height problem: If you are a tall person with a height of 5.11 inch then you might face a problem for having a comfortable sitting arrangement because the chair provided with it is much small as complained by the purchaser.
  • Solution: You can use a chair as perfect for your comfort inside the Durherm portable infrared sauna if you are feeling really uncomfortable with the chair.
  • The Chemical smell of hot plastic: You may see that the Durherm portable infrared sauna is emitting a chemical smell of hot plastic when it gets really hot which may be unpleasant for breathing.
  • Solution: You should give up overpowering the Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna as it is emitting chemical smell because of overheat.
  • Small chair: It becomes very uncomfortable if you found that the chair provided is very small for you. Few verified purchaser have complaint so and they have to sit with leg crossed inside.
  • Solution: If it happens with you, you can contact the manufacturer who will provide you with a chair that fits with your body measurement. You can also fit a chair inside this Durherm portable sauna if you want by yourself, for example, a shower bench.
  • Footpad gets too hot: Sometimes the footpad under your feet may get too hot for you to bear. When the temperature of this Durherm portable sauna is on its peak, it can happen then only.
  • Solution: Keep the temperature of the Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna within 90-110 degree which will prevent the foot heater to get warm extremely. If you maximize the temperature on 150 degree which is also its maximum range, it can generate excessive heat then. So don't do this.
  • Restricted for specific health condition: This Durherm portable sauna should not be used who have any specific health condition for example if you are a pregnant woman, you should not use this Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna then or those who have a severe respiratory problem should use this under careful observation.
  • Solution: If you are a pregnant woman and you really need to use this, for example, you are not feeling well without using it (habitual problem), you need to consult about it with your doctor. Always consult with your doctor before using any exercising equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:-What is the EMF level?
  • Answer: EMF is electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) which is invisible areas of energy and also known as radiation, that is produced by the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting.
  • Q:-Can this is used on a floor carpet?
  • Answer: Yes, you can use this on a floor carpet. But if the floor of your is not liquid-resistant, then the carpet may smell odd and have to be steam to clean it. You can use a plastic sheeting underneath. If the heat of the floor is very high, then you should this under consideration.
  • Q:-Can this vinyl/plastic foot heater mat be removed?
  • Answer: Yes, you can remove the foot mat if not needed and also the inner densely padded mat can be removed which adds stability to the overall structure and makes it easy if you want to wipe it down and clean. However, I don't recommend taking it out and not using it while operating the unit. This plastic foot mat provides insulation between the heat of the sauna and your floor. Actually it has dual function: keeps the cold from the floor out of the heated sauna and protects your floor (as flooring materials vary so much - carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, wood, concrete, etc. You can also avoid removing it by putting a towel on the floor of the sauna.
  • Q:-How are u supposed to properly clean it?
  • Answer: You can lay a towel on the bottom to throw that into the wash, use a towel with a little water and white vinegar to wipe down and let it air out. You can also put down a beach towel beneath the chair and after getting out remove the towel and chair. Leave the unit open for a while to cool down. You can follow this once a week depending on usage and also can clean inside with warm water and dish liquid soap.
  • Q:-What is the maximum temperature? How does it take to reach the maximum temperature after turned it on?
  • Answer: The maximum temperature is 150 degree and takes 5 minutes to reach that. Once the timer goes off,you can set it for a full 30 minute and don't count the 5 minutes.You can enjoy the full portion of benefit by sweating from this Durherm portable sauna then.

Final verdict

EMF is harmful to human body. One of the most popular side effects of every sauna is high EMF exhaustion. But this nightmare can be eliminated by using this Durherm xlarge negative ion FIR infrared portable indoor sauna as it emits EMF at a very low level. This Durherm portable personal folding home steam sauna also allows you to travel anywhere while carrying it with you which is one of its great advantages. Other health benefits of sauna such as low blood pressure, sound digestion power, sound blood circulation and high immunity also accompanied with this Durherm portable sauna.