DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-MX-K306-01 Maxxus Marseille Far Infrared Sauna

Do you want to have your own personal sauna? Do you want a sauna with your privacy issues inside your house? Do you feel bore in the sauna alone and want to enjoy it with your family members or friends not more than three people including you? Then this review is perfect for you.


Heating Panels

7 Low EMF FAR Infrared Carbon Heating Panels that produce a wider, softer heat that is evenly distributed throughout the sauna. This dynamic sauna AMZ-MX-K306-01 Maxxus Marseille Far Infrared Sauna is 30% larger than saunas heated by ceramic tubes and penetrate skin 40% more to maximize therapeutic benefits.


3 person capacity


Natural Reforested Canadian Hemlock wood construction

Other Auxiliary

FM-CD Radio with MP3 Aux Connection

Electrical Service

110V/20amp dedicated receptacle but you have to consult a certified electrician


This product is 300 lbs. plus

Tempered wood & glasses

sauna walls are double paneled constructed with the thickest interior and exterior wood planks which retains heat more efficiently, heats up faster and wastes less energy.

Soft-touch control panel & LED display

Maxxus Sauna with soft-touch control panel and LED display.

Convenient floor & low bench heater

Every Maxxus Sauna is equipped with floor and lower bench heater to allow good treatment to your legs and feet.

Favorable for music lovers

You can enjoy your sauna session with your favorite music through the saunas built in FM radio, CD and MP3 auxiliary connection with speakers. The sauna plugs into a dedicated 20 amp 120 volt outlet. You can consult with a certified electrician for replacing a 15 amp dedicated receptacle to an approved 20 amp dedicated receptacle and 20 amp breaker.

Indoor use only

The sauna can be placed on carpet or at any indoor location including the basement, garage etc.


It operates up to 140F.

Glass Door

There is a glass door and window to stop the unit from becoming too claustrophobic.


It has a small handle that helps you easily and gently close and open that door without worrying about the tempered glass breaking.


  • Dynamic saunas creates an environment which allows radiant heat energy to be absorbed into the human body.
  • Dynamic infrared allow beneficial penetrating FAR infrared waves to remove body toxins, ease pain from sore muscles or aching joints, increase blood circulation, burn calories and improve skin tone among other benefits.
  • The deep tissue warmth relaxes sore muscles, reduces stiffness, soothes your mind and relieves joint pain, specifically the kind of chronic pain associated with arthritis.
  • DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-MX-K306-01 Maxxus Marseille Far Infrared Sauna provides many health remedies. It helps to reduce weight and improve skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and acne.
  • Maxxus saunas dry heat stimulates detoxification by allowing your body to discharge acid and residues like toxins, sodium, alcohol, nicotine, cholesterol, and carcinogenic heavy metals, especially zinc, lead, nickel, and cadmium through the natural cooling process of perspiring.
  • It only takes around 15-20 minutes to get up to heat so there is not much waiting time.
  • 7 heating panel heaters are low EMF for safety.
  • The chromotherapy lighting is useful for the extra boost it offers to a pleasant, relaxing experience.
  • The assembly process is not that complicated. Set-up timing is 30 to 45 minutes.
  • DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-MX-K306-01 Maxxus Marseille 3-Person Far Infrared Sauna provides relaxing experiences with the steam, music and clever lighting.
  • It has a tinted glass to help you see out whether someone is peeping from outside which makes it perfect for those who like relaxing in minimal clothing
  • Music lovers will love this sauna as it acts as both a CD player and a radio. It has buttons on the music panel that let you save stations, increase or decrease the volume and even skip tracks on a disc.

Cons with the solutions

  • Dynamic infrared sauna requires few tools and instructions, but this can all fall down if the pieces aren’t fixed up properly. It just takes one warped panel for the fixtures to be misaligned and the product may look little odd.
  • Solution: You have to follow the manual and stay calm while fixing the Dynamic Saunas AMZ- MX-K306-01 Maxxus Marseille 3-Person Far Infrared Sauna
  • High Hot temperatures in sauna cabins often create an unpleasant experience such as claustrophobic or experience difficulty breathing.
  • Solution: You should consult with your doctor if you are a pregnant woman or have any abnormal physical condition.
  • High hot temperatures in sauna cabins can be bad to the membrane tissue of your eyes, irritate nasal areas and feel uncomfortable throughout the throat passages and cause rashes and itching in other body areas.
  • Solution: Be careful about the heat suited with your skin. If you have severe skin problems, you should consult with your doctor before using it.

Frequently asked questions

  • Question: What is the EMF rating of this unit?
  • Answer: Low EMF. Rating: Interred Tested and approved 2-5 mg at 4 inches away from heater.
  • Question: What if I sweat on the floor?
  • Answer: You can use a cushion with you to not letting the sweat drip on the floor.
  • Question: Does the measurement of the sauna is able to lay me down?
  • Answer: You can’t lay down inside the sauna. The inside bench is 59" x 18" you could lay down if you keep your knees up but you wouldn't be able to lay flat.
  • Question: Does this have to be unplugged when not using it?
  • Answer: I believe it should be unplugged but not sure whether it is recommended or not. You can have your own set up on a separate circuit and shut the breaker off when you are not using the sauna.
  • Question: Can I use this sauna outside?
  • Answer: You can’t use it outside your home. If you do it, you void the warranty.

Final verdict

Each type has its own benefits from the gentle, so it also has in DYNAMIC SAUNAS AMZ-MX-K306-01 Maxxus Marseille Far Infrared Sauna. Many of us are invaded with a number of common illnesses. So sweating in a sauna can be a quick and easy means of detoxification. It may not improve the current symptoms, it can be used as a form of regular therapy for illness prevention.