Far Infrared Portable Sauna

There are various benefits of Far infrared portable sauna benefits. It can become an integral part of your life because of its detoxification feature. Once you start using it, you may hardly avoid using it as it may become a habit for you. So after using it you may realize it as a health improvement device for all of the members of your family.


GREAT FOR DETOX AND WEIGHT LOSS: This is the main attraction of this product. This feature of Far Infrared Portable Sauna has raised its head among all saunas throughout the market the name of this feature is negative ion detox which is the safest and thorough detoxification method. Far infrared sauna is used to eliminate harmful chemical toxins and hazardous heavy metals from the human body.

• Manufacturer: The name of the manufacturer is Ideal sauna.

• Model: The model of this far infrared sauna is a portable sauna

• Publisher: The name of the publisher is Sauna Importers


• UPC: 638936890701

• Brand: The name of this far-infrared sauna is Ideal sauna

• Technology: The mastermind behind this far infrared sauna is FIR (Far Infrared Radiation)

• Power Input: The input unit uses 1000 W of power.

• Voltage: The voltage of this far infrared sauna is 120V / 60Hz

• Color: The available color of this far infrared sauna is White

• Dimensions: The dimension of this product is 32″(L) x 27″(W) x 38″(H) and 34″(L) x 32″(W) x 41″(H)

• Weight: The weight of this Far infrared sauna is 17.8 pounds

• Heater Material: Far infrared sauna uses Carbon Heating Panels as heating element.

• Weight: The weight of this Far infrared sauna is 17.8 pounds

• Heater Material: Far infrared sauna uses Carbon Heating Panels as a heating element.

• The Number of Heaters: There are 3 heating panels used to produce heat in far infrared sauna.

• Temperature Range: you can maximize the temperature from 110-150 Degrees Fahrenheit.

• Heating Time: The heating time is between 5-10 minutes

• Timer: you can set the timer for 5-30 minutes (increment of 5)

• Warranty: The warranty for this far infrared sauna is 1 Year

• Zipper for Neck and Both Arms: This far infrared sauna has easy to use zipper near to the neck and under both arms which makes it easy to get out of the sauna.

• Zipper for Entrance: This far infrared sauna also bears zippers to get into the sauna for easily and smooth entrance.

• Large Size: The large size of this far infrared sauna has a dimension of 32in wide x 34in deep x 41in high

• Fir Material Energy Emission: The FIR material emits energy at the rate of 97%.

Automatic Preset Timer Control: It has automatic preset timer control where you can select the timer for 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 min.

• Accessories Included

  •  A Hand-Held Control
  • A Foldable Chair
  • A Carrying Bag
  • A Heating Foot Pad
  • A Foam Floor Pad
  • An Instruction


  • Health benefit: Negative ION detox is proven for effective detoxification and purification of the whole human body which improves your health and cures lots of diseases, such as acne, infection, Lyme, etc.
  • Heating Quality: The Far infrared sauna uses 3 carbon heating panels which are great performer to warm in about 5-10 minutes and its highest peak is on 150 degrees Fahrenheit. But it is a suggestion to start using the far infrared sauna from 50 degrees Fahrenheit and after that you can increase its temperature according to your own sweet will.That's why the heating quality of this far infrared sauna is really impressive for users.
  • Time controller: The timer of this far infrared sauna is completely automatic. You can set the time from 5 to 30 minutes before going to use it. The timer has an increment of 5 which means you can set the timer for 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, and 30-minute.This timer will also notify you to stop the sauna process.You don’t have to set your stopwatch or don’t need to remember the starting time. Since you set it once, it will automatically alarm you when to stop the session.
  • Foldable chair: The chair provided by this far infrared sauna has longevity because it’s made of metal. This foldable chair has three advantages. First one is that it is covered with soft cotton fabric. The second one is this soft cotton fabric absorbs the heat so that the metal parts cannot get in touch with your body. And last but not the least is that it gives you much comfort than any other sauna chair.
  • Easy Control Panel: The size of this control panel is like half of a TV remote control. The controller included in this far infrared sauna portable Amazon is functional and easy to use. It’s small with the size of about half of a TV remote control. It has 2 separate LCD screens where you can see the levels of temperature and timer. Other 4 buttons are used to increase or decrease the levels of temperature and time and another 3 buttons are used to turn on/off the device and restart the sauna.
  • Lucrative design: The physical Design of the far infrared sauna is very awesome. You can extend your head and hands out of the sauna to read a book or watch the TV also includes a neck collar and many hand holes. Right beside the hole, there is a small pocket where you can keep your mobile. Moreover, you can fold it up which saves your space. You can store it inside a bag so that you can bring it easily while traveling. There you will need 20 seconds to open it up and let you set up the far infrared sauna within 60 seconds.

Cons with the solution

  • Inflexible control panels: The carbon heating panels are inflexible to use. You can’t adjust or separate heating panels for the upper or lower parts of your body from each one. They are fixed with the far Infrared Portable Sauna.
  • Solution: You may not need to remove or add any extra heating panel as they are fitted for producing appropriate heat from your sauna. Except this, if you really want to add or remove any extra panel, you can contact the manufacturer.
  • Small chair: The size of the chair is small for many users. Sometimes it doesn’t fit with the posture and little bit narrow for those who have over 250 pounds. So the chair size needs to be improved for better comfort.
  • Solution: You can sit inside the sauna by crossing your legs. You can also add a chair as you fit in it or you can buy a chair from the market as fitted for you.
  • Weird hand-held controller: Some users have a complaint that the handheld controller is weird for use.
  • Solution: Read out the instruction manual given with the product. It has described step by step procedures of using the handheld controller.
  • Hot zipper: The metal made zipper turns very hot and creates an unpleasant moment as it gets in touch of the body. As the zipper is made of metal, it gets really hot sometimes.
  • Solution: Don’t take the temperature of your sauna at its highest peak because at this moment the zipper may get hot for touch. Wait for few seconds until the zipper gets cool down. You can also use hand gloves to touch the zipper and get out of it after the sauna session.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:-Can this infrared sauna fit a large person nearly 6 ft. tall? If not what do you recommend?
  • Answer: Yes, this sauna fits a large person nearly 6 ft. tall and over 230 pounds. So I can highly recommend you for this far infrared sauna as it can not only fit a person of 6 ft. tall but also detoxifies your body.
  • Q:-How do you clean the inside of the sauna from all of the sweat?
  • Answer: You can put a towel on the floor of the sauna and another towel on the chair just wash it or you can just Place a towel on the chair and there will be no need to clean anything. After use, the inside of sauna is clean and dry, there will be no moisture and occasionally (every few weeks/month) wipe down with a mild soap/spray.
  • Q:-What is negative ion detox?
  • Answer: The more Negatively Charged Electric Ions there are in the blood, the more efficient the cells metabolic processes and it improves the body's immunity and resistance to illnesses. Two separate heating units draw the toxins out through your pores.
  • Q:-Is the heater inside or outside the sauna?
  • Answer: It is used only on the inside so the heat is trapped in the sauna.3 heaters mounted on the interior walls of the sauna, back and two sides.The infrared panels are inside the sauna.

Final verdict

This Far Infrared Portable Sauna is best for detoxification than any other sauna in the market at present. Through detoxification process, you can eliminate heavy harmful materials from your body and makes you feel much better than ever. So try this far infrared sauna for leading a healthy mind as well as healthy life.