JNH Lifestyles NE3HB1 ENSI Collection 3 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you are looking for a sauna which you can treat as one of your furniture at your home, which is gorgeous by its physical structure, which is qualified by FSC then JNH Lifestyles NE3HB1 ENSI Collection 3 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna Limited Lifetime Warranty is good for you. Not just this, this sauna also belongs to various amenities which are given below: lead a healthier ever before.


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Makers: The name of the makers is JNH Lifestyles

Innovative leap forward: Jnh ways of life sauna is such sort of sauna that isn't just zero EMF radiator yet additionally tried and confirmed by Intertek.

Number of warmers: There are 8 business review carbon fiber far infrared heaters which are affirmed by ETL, improved warmer position, best insulation, lifetime guarantee

Wood quality: The nature of the wood is of twofold layer 100% Canadian hemlock T&G strong timber, FSC affirmed wood and no compound is included, no plywood is utilized at all which is best for protection.

Better solid quality: The sound nature of the Jnh ways of life 3 man sauna is vastly improved than some other sauna as it has worked in 3.5mm AUX control connected with a Volume rocker and 2 Premium Speakers.

Driven lighting: Jnh ways of life sauna has fantastic LED lights which can be utilized for long run. You don't need to change lights for different time as there is minimal shot of its harm.

Driven Digital control board: The particular element of the sauna is that it will enable you to control the temperature and the span of utilization of your sauna.

Attachment prerequisite: USA 110V/20A Socket Required

Item Dimensions: 39.5 x 59.1 x 75 inches

Product Weight: 484 pounds

Delivery Weight: 400 pounds


  • Best heating elements: There is 8 Zero-EMF carbon fiber far infrared heaters equipped with latest high-quality carbon fiber far infrared heaters which are situated at the back, at the side, and at the calf areas to maximize heating area.
  • Tested and approved by ETL: Jnh lifestyles 3 person sauna is the only zero EMF heater that is tested and approved by Edison's testing laboratories (ETL). This testimonial can assure you better quality of the heaters.
  • Tested and approved by Intertek: Canadian hemlock wood is tested and approved by Intertek to ensure "0-0.6mg" With "0" distance of the is Canadian hemlock wood made out of 100% top quality Canadian hemlock wood. In this wood no chemicals are added and no plywood or MDF is used which has become possible by tongue and groove construction. All these have made it Solid wood structure.
  • Better insulation: This sauna provides you better insulation. Through its dual wall construction, it assures better heat insulation. You can also fit your sauna in tight spaces and don’t need to get worried about heat expansion and insulation. This is designed with special safety glass which tolerates higher temperature within the cabin. All of these provides you better insulation, better visibility from within the sauna.
  • Easy breakdown and reassemble: This JNH Lifestyles NE3HB1 ENSI Collection 3 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna Limited Lifetime Warranty has a unique feature which is its "tools-free design". This feature allows you to simply buckle the panels together and also easy to break down transport it to other locations when necessary.
  • Cost-efficient lightings: This sauna has LED lightings which are cost-efficient. This lights are very much cost-efficient than any other standard lights and allow you to use your sauna for many years to come. 50% more cost-efficient than standard light bulbs..
  • Easy to control: Through this sauna, you can control the temperature and the duration of the sauna from inside or outside of the sauna.
  • Strong Construction: The construction of the sauna is under tongue and groove construction which is a lucrative feature of this sauna. The construction under tongue and groove is of the best quality.
  • Heath benefit: You can use this every day and takes about 5 to 6 minutes to heat up. This can decreased muscle/joint stiffness after workouts. Quality of sleep has improved and you will feel very relaxed and calm during the day. Your skin will be noticeably softer after the first use.

Cons with the solution

  • No chromotherapy light: There is no chromotherapy lights accompanies these. Chromotherapy is where colors are utilized to change body vibrations with the frequencies that outcome in wellbeing and congruity. Each shading claims frequencies of a particular vibration, and every vibration is identified with various physical side effects. Chromotherapy attempts to help adjust your body by means of the full range of visible lights, each shade of which tends to a particular need.
  • Solution: You can buy a separate chromotherapy light from amazon.
  • No back rest: There is no back rest comes with this product. Back rest is used when the sauna is very hot and you feel to lean against the wall though it is not possible because wooden walls are very hot that time. That time you will need a back rest.
  • Solution: You can separately purchase a back rest from the amazon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:- Does this sauna come with a plug or does it need to be hardwired into the 20a power?
  • A:- It comes with a plug. You can have an electrician with you to put it in the required receptacle. It does not plug into standard home plug. Takes 110v/20 amps (20a socket required).
  • Q:- Do you find you have lost weight with the sauna?
  • A:- If you have had it only for 10 days from now, it is too early to notice. But you can feel more relaxed and overall better on the days that you have used it. Maybe more frequent use might do that. I would suggest that "every house should have a sauna. So if you don’t use the sauna, you can’t notice the result.
  • Q:- Does this unit have the option of chromotherapy lights?
  • A:- It has a light, and you can have the optional multicolored bulb with remote, which can stay on a chosen color or rotate through all the options automatically. But is not the same as chromotherapy. The manufacturer was great though answering questions before and after purchase.
  • Q:- How hot does it get?
  • A:- There is an adjustable temperature pad, the temp and duration are up to you. Maximum range is 140 deg. Fahrenheit which is the top setting. You can use it for 135 now. And it feels good. You will really like the infrared heat.

Final verdict

In spite of some drawbacks, JNH Lifestyles NE3HB1 ENSI Collection 3 Person NO EMF Infrared Sauna Limited Lifetime Warranty can be your everyday companion with its special features. This sauna can improve your sleep quality which is important for good digestion. It will also improve your skin quality. You will feel natural glow in your skin. You will also get relieved from stress. So you should definitely buy this sauna to grab these opportunities.