Therapuresauna ESF202HCB 2-Person Canadian hemlock Carbon Heater

If you want a sauna which can fit your small sweet home and let you save the space of your house then this review is right for you. As it fits in your small house perfectly, you don’t have to worry about its accommodation. Besides this, Therapuresauna ESF202HCB 2-Person Canadian hemlock Carbon Heater has more benefits which are placed here to be informed you about its features. The specifications are given below :


Manufacturer: The name of the manufacturers is Esse Enterprises LLC


Item model number: ESF202HCB

Wood material: Canadian hemlock wood construction belongs to natural wood color and fits in physically any interior.

Heating technology: The heating technology used for Carbon Heater is Infrared technology.

Capacity: The maximum capacity of the Therapure sauna is for 2-person

Number of heaters: There is in total 6 Heaters:

  • The number of heaters on back wall is 2
  • The number of heaters on each side is 2
  • The number of heaters on the floor is 1
  • The number of heaters on the back of your legs is 1

Safe to use: The rapture infrared sauna is safe to use as it uses infrared heaters which generate power from 5-12 microns.

Maximum level of temperature: Therapure sauna heats up to 141-degrees Fahrenheit, the required power is 1230 wattage 120 v/15 amp power plugs right into a standard electrical outlet.

Item Weight: 315 pounds

Shipping Weight: 350 pounds

Dimensions: 74 inches high x 49 inches wide x 39 inches long

Additional Offerings:

  • Dual oxygen ionizer
  • Interior reading light
  • Deluxe radio/CD/MP3 plugin sound system.
  • Therapy light
  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Towel rack


  • Toxin extractor: This Therapuresauna ESF202HCB 2-Person Canadian hemlock Carbon Heater is very useful for those who are chemotherapy. Chemo treatment produces toxin in the body. The toxin is very harmful to human body especially toxins generated from chemotherapy. So the extraction of these toxins from human body is important for those who are having chemo treatment. The 2 person sauna is the appropriate measure to extract toxins from human body or any other type of toxin.
  • Easy to fit in any type of house: Therapure infrared sauna is very much stylish as you can set it up in your master bedroom in any type of house you can fit your sauna which will look like a piece of furniture of your house because of its trendy hemlock Canadian wood.
  • Heats up fast: The heating system works really well as it takes approximately 30 minutes to get to 140 degrees Fahrenheit by using the 6 carbon infrared heaters.
  • The exterior looks awesome: The 2 person sauna is made up of Canadian hemlock wood which is in natural wood color. That’s how it looks like wooden furniture in your home because of its wooden exterior design.
  • The sound system sounds good: Therapure sauna comes with deluxe radio/CD/mp3 plugin sound system which is very good at providing outstanding quality of sound as like as any other mp3 devices. You can enjoy your favorite songs inside the sauna and also can feel the rhythm of the song which might be a rock song or a song with a melodious tune.
  • Appropriate for those who want small sauna: 
  • Therapure infrared sauna is famous for its small structure. Those who want a small size of sauna for their home definitely can choose it as this sauna won’t kill the space of your house. Moreover, it will release most of your space

  • You can use it thrice in a week: There are no limitations of using it. You can use it for a fixed interval during a week. You can use it twice or even thrice in a week.
  • Therapeutic and detoxing sauna: Therapure infrared sauna is the best source of detoxification and therapeutic treatment. It detoxifies your skin and extracts heavy metals from your body which is the most wanted need of any sauna. The 2 person infrared sauna also acts like therapeutic treatment which is free of harmful chemicals and provides you sound health with a sound mind indeed.

Cons with the solution

  • Air leak: There is a small air leak on the 2 front bottom corners and the glass entry door. The door has no sealing capability so cold air comes inside the unit.
  • Solution: You can use a small amount of weather stripping from the home depot and in 5 minutes leaks will be gone. You can also use a magnet on the door frame. The magnet stuck and no more air leaks. Moreover, you can buy a cheap package of foam insulation boards and cut them in a shape that fits on the roof. This makes the sauna heat up more quickly.
  • Pain to assemble: The instructions of this sauna are poor, it can take you around 3 hours to put this product together which also included some YouTube videos because instructions left out a few steps.
  • Solution: You can found a step-by-step YouTube video and you can stand your sauna in about 1 hour and also have 3 people available if possible for assembly. Therapures web site also has an assembly video which ties in with the instruction sheet.
  • Burning smell: Unfortunately, the burning smell may come from unit. You may notice smoke coming from top of unit and from control box.
  • Solution: This may come when the heat is at the peak. In case of such a situation, you can keep the temperature at moderate level which will reduce this burning smell and keep the air vent slightly open to pass the burning smell out.
  • Cheap accessories: The accessories such as cup holder, magazine rack, etc. are cheaply made.
  • Solution: You can call the manufacturers and ask then for replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q:- Are there speakers for the radio inside the unit?
  • A:-Yes, the Therapure sauna has built radio speakers are inside the unit. You can also play your own CD player inside the sauna and it works well. Apart from all, you won’t feel that you are inside a stagnant room. You will enjoy your favorite songs without any disturbance.
  • Q:-Can this is put outside?
  • A:-No, it is not designed for outdoor use. If you still use it for outdoor purpose, you will break the warranty. After voiding the warranty, you can’t ask for any refund if the sauna doesn’t work properly.
  • Q:-What the inside dimension?
  • A:-It's plenty big enough for in total 200lb people. The Item Weight of this product is 315 pounds. The Shipping Weight is 350 pounds and the total dimensions are 74 inches high x 49 inches wide x 39 inches long.
  • Q:-I had this sauna for 2 months now and have a burning smell coming from the top of the unit?
  • A:-The reason for its burning smell may be one of the connections in the main circuit board on. That is where all the connections are. So take the top off and make sure all the connections are tight. If that doesn't work call the manufacturer if it is still under warranty.
  • Q:-Where can I get a replacement oxygen ionizer?
  • A:-You should call customer service at Esse Sales

Final verdict

The use of therapuresauna ESF202HCB 2-Person Canadian hemlock Carbon Heater is very safe as it uses infrared heaters which operate from 5-12 microns. This product is especial in the market because it keeps its heating level within 5-12 microns which is safe for heat. This product will also draw your attention because of its toxin extractor feature. Toxins are really harmful to our health which is extracted from this Therapure in spite of its some demerits, the 2 person infrared sauna is can be an essential need for many people because it’s some unique features.